Tug Of War


Tug Of War

What sort of God loathing do I keep locked inside

Cause demons circle like vultures

Waiting for my Will to die

And its not fair

I don’t care enough

To face this hurt

And it’s not fair

I don’t care enough

To make this work

With only myself to blame

For a higher choice crippled in pain


Tug tug tug tug

Tug of war

For the soul of a whore

That sells herself short

While waiting for more than a moment

Than a moment


Have to numb the pain

Cause I live in shame

But I don’t know


Satan lives by my


And whispers to me at


And I listen too…


Come my dear your fine

Almost cross the line

Don’t you dare look

To the other side

You’re a fool and now your mine

So just strip one more piece away

You’re a cheap soul anyway

Good girl I like the way you play

Underworld is where you’ll stay

Free Will Mine


-Jasmine 2011