About Polarity

Polarity band sitting on concrete wall

POLARITY’s not your average independent band, they’ve thrived being DIY for a decade playing hundreds of Canadian shows to growing audiences looking for a unique and soulful sonic experience. The band’s style of alternative rock isn’t one Toronto’s indie scene is used to hearing. The music takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride where the landscape of sounds shift from harsh and aggressive to transcendental and ethereal in seamless seconds all while the vocals ooze with soul and range from vulnerable and honest to powerful and in demand. The emotional charge in the music is evident, heartfelt and honest and the band’s mission has always been to create music with substance that goes deep. “Authenticity is key to connecting with an audience thirsty for meaning in their music” says vocalist Jasmine Virginia. “If you haven’t walked away from a POLARITY show either loving or hating we what do, we haven’t done our jobs as our objective every show is to make you feel something powerful in a world that tries to make you feel numb” says Jasmine. On the bands overall sound, guitarist Matt Hamilton says this; ”POLARITY’s sound has always been foundationally large and otherworldly. Whether it's an ambient emotional swell or a thumping wall of distorted bass and guitar, we want to create a sound that blows you out of your seat.”

Since their formation in 2008 the band’s list of accomplishments includes three studio albums, working with grammy winning producers including David Bottrill and Joao Carvalho, Canadian radio play on mainstream rock radio including Rebel 101.7, 97.7HTZ FM & 94.9The Rock FM & a youtube channel showing over half a million views. “The last decade has been a roller coaster ride. We've experienced many victories and suffered a few defeats. We learned a lot about how to work in the music industry, while growing together. We all share good moments as well as tough ones. We celebrated the fun times and also shared the conflicts and frustrations struggling within the industry. Today we've overcome a lot of challenges and we've learned from our mistakes.” says guitarist Mike Sitana.

With a decade of musical friendship behind them the band is ready to unleash their fourth studio release “Trilateral”. “For Trilateral we put our focus into tightening, tweaking and augmenting the little things that, collectively, make for the maximal sonic blast.” says Hamilton. POLARITY drummer Eric Zimmerman continues “We can’t wait to share what we’ve created with our fans and the world. It’s the cumulation of 10 years of writing together and our best work yet.” Trilateral was recorded at Jukasa studio adding Juno winning producer Darren Magierowski to the mix of industry heavyweights who has shaped POLARITY’s sound. “POLARITY was an amazing group of people to work with and to take their musical vision to the next level was an honour for me.” Magierowski says of working with the band.

Any band or music insider knows that being DIY for a decade is no small feat for a band but POLARITY is feeling stronger than ever and is poised to take on the world in 2019! With the release of Trilateral you’ll be able to find POLARITY rocking stages across Canada, releasing new music videos and on airwaves across the country. “Most importantly we’re stronger together now more than ever due to the fact we’ve grown up together as a family.” says Sitana. “Chasing a musical dream isn’t about walking on clouds, it’s about weathering the storms together and it takes patience, time, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice so to know our music is making an impact in people’s lives and to see venues filling up is always a surreal and humbling feeling that let’s us know we’re doing what we’ve always aimed to do…make a positive impact.” says Jasmine.