We’re Pushed to Give it all Away…

It’s part of the programming in our media, our advertisements, our pop culture, our pop music…give yourself to anyone and everyone and be glad they want you…forget about the consequences and pretend that tomorrow doesn’t exist…and somehow that’s empowering…?

Dysfunctional relationships have also seemingly become the norm in pop culture, its the narrative that its okay that he hates you and you hate him, there’s no trust in the relationship and things are broken beyond repair….but somehow you still desire each other??

Skeptic is the Anti Anthem to those messages.

It’s speaks to that moment of change, or that instance where the person you’re with so badly hurts your soul, your spirits, your self esteem or even your body that they no longer deserve you in any way, shape or form and YOU make the choice to walk away.
That choice is what’s truly empowering.

And why should someone get every inch of you if they don’t believe in you, your abilities or your dreams?
If they don’t foster your development and encourage you to keep expanding and growing?
If they don’t treat you with basic respect, love and kindness?
…If you can’t trust them?

And what pleasure do you get from giving yourself to somebody who dims your light?

Rid your life of the skeptics who’s foul beliefs can become parasites in your mind and hold you back from becoming all that you’re capable of being. Make choices that empower YOU, not empower people who don’t deserve your love.

Shrinking under somebody else’s insecurity is never going to lead you to your greatest potential.

Empower yourself so you can empower the world.

UP UP and away we go,

Photo – Anna Sklavos Photography
Makeup – Tonia Louise