THANK YOU to all the beautiful FIGHTERS that came out and made our video shoot for The Fight such a success!!
There was everything from moshing to crowd surfing to girls on the stage, to spin kicks and crowd sing alongs!!! Everyone in the room was having an absolute blast and we had the best time with you all!!
It was a lot of work but you guys all brought so much incredible energy to the video and the footage looks AMAZING! We can’t wait to share it with everyone and show those who couldn’t make it what a great time we all had!
Endless thanks to the crew of wonderful people who helped make this special night run so smoothly, we couldn’t have done it without ALL of you and we consider ourselves a very lucky band to have such great people surrounding us helping us to FIGHT for our dreams!
Up Up and away we go,

We’re Pushed to Give it all Away…

It’s part of the programming in our media, our advertisements, our pop culture, our pop music…give yourself to anyone and everyone and be glad they want you…forget about the consequences and pretend that tomorrow doesn’t exist…and somehow that’s empowering…?

Dysfunctional relationships have also seemingly become the norm in pop culture, its the narrative that its okay that he hates you and you hate him, there’s no trust in the relationship and things are broken beyond repair….but somehow you still desire each other??

Skeptic is the Anti Anthem to those messages.

It’s speaks to that moment of change, or that instance where the person you’re with so badly hurts your soul, your spirits, your self esteem or even your body that they no longer deserve you in any way, shape or form and YOU make the choice to walk away.
That choice is what’s truly empowering.

And why should someone get every inch of you if they don’t believe in you, your abilities or your dreams?
If they don’t foster your development and encourage you to keep expanding and growing?
If they don’t treat you with basic respect, love and kindness?
…If you can’t trust them?

And what pleasure do you get from giving yourself to somebody who dims your light?

Rid your life of the skeptics who’s foul beliefs can become parasites in your mind and hold you back from becoming all that you’re capable of being. Make choices that empower YOU, not empower people who don’t deserve your love.

Shrinking under somebody else’s insecurity is never going to lead you to your greatest potential.

Empower yourself so you can empower the world.

UP UP and away we go,

Photo – Anna Sklavos Photography
Makeup – Tonia Louise


My Autonomy’s Conquest

The beauty of POLARITY’s music is as a listener, you can either choose to put yourself in a members shoes or decide to interpret the music and lyrics for yourself, to apply to the ideals and issues you face every day in your unique life. So what’s unique in my life that this song applies to? What is my conquest for autonomy?

Well it’s not the happiest story of all time, but it sure is the un-sugar-coated truth and will explain my recent absences from social media. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed the comings and goings of some abdominal pains. They have been diagnosed and treated previously as a variety of things, once an injury, another time an infection. At some point in late February, these minor cramps began to turn into pains, inflammation and subsequently difficulty with a variety of bodily functions, that wouldn’t go away. Upon further study it appears the source of these pains has been a problem with my prostate. It’s important to share this with you because it has now become my sole conquest for autonomy. This is the next big fight in my life and, let’s get one thing straight, the next win under my belt. The Cole’s notes for those learning this the first time; I am currently on medical leave from my job. Physically, I’m limited, but I’m still able to play with the band for now. I’m still unaware of exactly what is wrong, but I have failed numerous prostate exams and am scheduled to see a Urological Oncologist at the end of June. 

My apologies for the sad news, but this is just another battle to fight and win like so many before and since we try to be close to our fans, especially our local following who have become close friends over a decade, you deserve to be in the loop because it may cause some changes to happen in the near future. I am concentrating on taking care of myself, and contributing in any way I can to Polarity while you guys get to soak up twelve tracks of new material. This song is an audio representation of our past conquests, and an inspiration for tomorrows. Until next time, concentrate, and meditate.

By the way, nothing makes me happier than to see your responses to this song, especially the one mentioning how there is no longer a need to wait for the Tool album… man… I don’t have words for that lol! From all of us, thank you so much.

Jason Swait


Autonomy’s Conquest

Autonomy’s Conquest

Passive submission and i’m paralyzed by a hijacking of my brain
with no one but self to blame
illusion clear, it’s strength I fear
lullaby lies and i’m going insane
with this fierce imagination 

I’m faithfully just a servant to you
subject to your pitiful rule
In this Fortress of fear I call Fortitude here
Conquer conquer

Now here you come just as I think that I am starting to win your game
obliteration of my faith in
myself my dear fallacy’s here
Projecting lies but i see you guise
all i do is oblige

I’m faithfully just a servant to you
subject to your and your pitiful rule
In this Fortress of fear I call Fortitude here
Conquer conquer

You take me to walk around my fears in the night in the night
it’s dark and it’s cold with these souls and i fear that i might
become one of these though i want to transcend to the light
your leading me by the stench of your words and they bite

My hopes of becoming something other than this frozen fright
with every step that I take i feel your knuckles squeezing tight
with every breath that i take you restrict me finding light
with every thought that i think you do your best to ignite

Doubt within self and the need to feel pain
Pain within self and the need to feel shame
Shame within self and the need to place blame
blame within self and this mind fucked chess game

You take me to walk around my fears in the night in the night
it’s dark and it’s cold with these souls and I fear that I might
become one of these though I want to transced to light
I’m Looking for truth external to what i know is right

Open Heart
Concentrate and Meditatie
She said
The choice is in your perception
Balance mind in focused time
Breathe breathe breathe
Balance mind in focused time

Self assured I will not be your fool
Im a subject of me and by Free Will I Rule
In this fortress of Will I call fortitude here
I will Conquer

Read fear to find truth
Awaken to what defines you
Autonomous is what you are
Dependant fear leads you into the dark

Rise up

~ Jasmine Virginia