We’re so amped for these shows because we love to connect with our fans and audiences, ultimately our audiences become our friends so it’s always great to see old faces and meet new ones and we can’t wait to share new music and play some crowd favourites on this tour. 

We’re excited to announce the first round of Trilateral Tour dates and we can’t wait to see all of the friends we’ve made in these cities over the years and make new ones! We’re going to be playing new music and crowd favourites and sharing stages with great local bands!!! 

Book the date in your city off now so you can make sure to catch us while we’re near you! 
Let’s make musical moments we’ll all remember for a long time to come!



THANK YOU to all the beautiful FIGHTERS that came out and made our video shoot for The Fight such a success!!
There was everything from moshing to crowd surfing to girls on the stage, to spin kicks and crowd sing alongs!!! Everyone in the room was having an absolute blast and we had the best time with you all!!
It was a lot of work but you guys all brought so much incredible energy to the video and the footage looks AMAZING! We can’t wait to share it with everyone and show those who couldn’t make it what a great time we all had!
Endless thanks to the crew of wonderful people who helped make this special night run so smoothly, we couldn’t have done it without ALL of you and we consider ourselves a very lucky band to have such great people surrounding us helping us to FIGHT for our dreams!
Up Up and away we go,
Polarity, polaritymusic, alt rock, prog rock, canadian music

It’s Something I struggle with…

It’s something I struggle with…
This constant need to update the scrolling feeds to stay….relevant?
And might I ask …relevant to who? And why should I place my value on your perception of my ‘relevancy’?
And….Is it just me or am I the only one that feels better when disconnected from the online and connected with…myself.
My songs, my art, my journals, my body, my friends, my loved ones, my dog and nature.
That’s what makes my life relevant to me.
Artists now have this constant pressure to connect, to update, to push, to sell…ourselves?
But the irony of it all is that most artists are pretty introverted with little to no desire to push themselves or their art on anyone…we create simply because we enjoy the process of it and hope that whoever discovers it will find value, comfort, joy or company to their sadness in it.
It’s not that I don’t love connecting with people because I love connecting in the flesh and at shows, I love exchanging real human energy in moments of musical passion and I love meaningful connection and real moments felt…not scrolled. Live shows and being in the same room with fans who resonate with what we create is my favourite part of the artistic grind…because it’s REAL.
I don’t know…screens and likes aren’t real to me. They never make me feel any better about myself and I was disillusioned by it a long time ago.
What does make me feel like i’m contributing in a productive way and a relevant way is to communicate soul felt messages in the music we make. Honesty, hard work and great music are timeless and at the end of the day I know I’ve created something thats truthful to my own experience with wisdom and learning lent to anybody wanting to listen.
Life’s too short to live for others opinions of you and it’s a trap.
Disconnect from anything or anyone that doesn’t add value to your life and reconnect with yourself.
Making space to find yourself and too free yourself is perhaps one of the most important things we can do in this lifetime… because our true selves are more creative, radiant and powerful than we can even imagine…we just have to find them.
Up Up and away we go,


We’re Pushed to Give it all Away…

It’s part of the programming in our media, our advertisements, our pop culture, our pop music…give yourself to anyone and everyone and be glad they want you…forget about the consequences and pretend that tomorrow doesn’t exist…and somehow that’s empowering…?

Dysfunctional relationships have also seemingly become the norm in pop culture, its the narrative that its okay that he hates you and you hate him, there’s no trust in the relationship and things are broken beyond repair….but somehow you still desire each other??

Skeptic is the Anti Anthem to those messages.

It’s speaks to that moment of change, or that instance where the person you’re with so badly hurts your soul, your spirits, your self esteem or even your body that they no longer deserve you in any way, shape or form and YOU make the choice to walk away.
That choice is what’s truly empowering.

And why should someone get every inch of you if they don’t believe in you, your abilities or your dreams?
If they don’t foster your development and encourage you to keep expanding and growing?
If they don’t treat you with basic respect, love and kindness?
…If you can’t trust them?

And what pleasure do you get from giving yourself to somebody who dims your light?

Rid your life of the skeptics who’s foul beliefs can become parasites in your mind and hold you back from becoming all that you’re capable of being. Make choices that empower YOU, not empower people who don’t deserve your love.

Shrinking under somebody else’s insecurity is never going to lead you to your greatest potential.

Empower yourself so you can empower the world.

UP UP and away we go,

Photo – Anna Sklavos Photography
Makeup – Tonia Louise



Introducing to the world for the first time, EVENT HORIZON.

We’ve always been a band with the intention to create meaningful and artful music and we couldn’t be more proud to be releasing this to you all today. Art projects with five people take patience and perseverance and don’t come without their trying times, but if you believe in what you’re doing with all your heart and allow your process to be your progress, you come out with a product that blows even your own expectations out of the sky. Event Horizon is the result of 9 years as a band, 2 previous albums, hundreds of shows, hours upon hours of jamming, 2 years of recording and working on our upcoming album Action Potential, months of working on the video and of course, our dreams truly coming to life through the tapestry of music we make together as five friends.

Thank you everyone for your patience.
Thank you everyone for your belief in what we’re doing.
Thank you in advance to everyone for sharing this video and spreading our music and our message to your personal universes.
As much as we do this for ourselves, we do it to make a positive impact on our collective world and we couldn’t do that without YOU!

‘In the absence of time and space
I lick my lips of stardust and I taste
Theres something more to life.

Physicality in mortals space,
Your life
Is what you make.’

Much Love and Stardust all.


There’s something inherently wrong with band competitions.

There’s something inherently wrong with band competitions.

Musically competing with others is extremely one dimensional and music can’t be made or contained in one dimension,  so it’s inherently flawed.

Isn’t the point of creating music to share moments of creative bliss with others and share moments of unified experience in our disconnected world? Why would we want build walls around our creations and hog the joy of it all to ourselves?

Isn’t there something utterly vial about pitting musicians against one another and making them compete for attention and exposure? Shouldn’t we be fostering friendships and building community with our fellow musicians?  After all, we are the ones in this together. We are our own best allies, and the ones that can truly help each other achieve and succeed.

In an already hostile music industry why does this model of competition continue to exist and thrive?  Why do we have to beg our fan bases to click silly meaningless buttons and vote for us and not ‘them’ instead of encourage music lovers to truly support all of us by buying our music and coming to our shows?

Why are we as bands subjugating ourselves to being judged by panels of people who determine our worthiness to be narrowed down to a select ‘superior’ few?

The only reason I can fathom as to why we as bands have subjected ourselves to such gimmicks is because of the potential exposure these types of ‘opportunity’s’ bring. The chance for new audiences to discover our hard working band and the songs we sweat our assess off too create,  creates in us a sense of false hope that this could really be a break for us… instead these competitions merely put us in separate pans to be seared and consumed for a mere flashy spectical that lasts for a blink in time.

But let me repat myself, musically competing for an audience is one dimensional and music can’t be made or contained in one dimension… so it’s inherently flawed.

Uniting with bands and building strong bridges we can rock out on together is exponentially more valuable than competing with them, and in all honesty I don’t care to have panels of people judge my bandmates and I,  that alone, is the farthest thing from the reason we create music in the first place.

And as for the chance at exposure,  I’ll let our music speak for itself and our honesty and integrity as artists to communicate meaningful messages guide our way to truly valuable exposure and real opportunity to attract genuine audiences, and I’d encourage all bands to do the same.

Everything else is business gimmick and transparent bullshit.

We’ll pick building bridges over building walls and stick to creating real, heavy, solid music any day and everyday.

United we create, separate we stagnate.

Up up and away we go,