A Hammy Communication

Hey y’all!

Hams here. Not sure how many of you are aware, but when I’m not doing band stuff, cooking, chillin with friends and being a hairy/stinky schmucky schmuck, I make films. Not surprisingly, I was behind the camera for a lot of the recent Polarity video you’ve seen. The P3 mini doc (https://youtu.be/4PegBnsmL50) Polarity posted almost a year ago? Yeah, that was little ol’ me.

And holy shit! It’s been a year since, and what a year it’s been…

Since then I’ve been filming these death-defying songbirds slave away producing their next record. In that time I’ve seen and learned more about myself and these chappers than I ever thought I would. I even found myself joining their ranks!

But I have not forgotten the first assignment I was given from this band: to document the creation of Action Potential. And so, with principal photography close to wrap, here’s a big announcement:

THE SEQUEL to P3 is coming this summer!

And it’s gonna be huge. Much, MUCH bigger than it’s predecessor. Epic storytelling. Epic visuals. Epic music. I’m super proud of what we’ve got in the works.

Expect a teaser trailer within a week or so.

Much love.