POLARITY Has a Free App!!!

Exiting news everyone one! We teamed up with EdenCloud and have developed our very own App!!

With the app you can keep up to date with us from the comfort of your own pocket! Our music is streamable from it, all of our shows are updated on it, you’ll have access to photos, videos, and even exclusive POLARITY goodies with the app. We’re amped cause there’s even a chat section where we can chat with you directly!

To download the app head on over here;

Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/polaritymusic/id982962863…

Google Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

Now this is the first time we’ve had an app and the first Eden Cloud has developed an app specifically tailored to bands, so we’d love to hear some feedback once you’ve started using it. Lucky for us, we’re working closley with Eden Cloud to continue improving it with your feedback!

Also, if you’re a band or a business and want to get in touch and get your own app visit Eden Cloud’s website here ; http://www.edencloud.ca/polarity/

We think it’s pretty rad to be an independent band and have our own APP!!!!

Exiting Day!

Happy App’ing,


Lucky Us!!!

We as a band have always been blessed by the generosity of our friends and fans.

Recently we were given a SEVEN STRING guitar!

Adrian or Don Juan as he’s known is a professional musician who saw us at one of our recent Lees Palace shows and was so impressed with our set that since seeing us he’s only every tried to help us by passing along reputable publicists, passing along talent calls and any other information he knows will help our band!

We’ll he’s moving to China to play music in Macau and as a parting gift gave us this amazing guitar. As he says ‘a guitar that’s not played is a dead guitar’…

We can assure you Adrian, this guitar will be put to good use, we recorded with some seven strings on the new album, so it’s the perfect time to introduce seven strings to our live show!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Adrian! POLARITY Loves you!



Fighting Spirit

What keeps a fighting spirit chiseling their own path up an iceberg with an ice pick when it seems (at times) it’s them against a humbling undertaking and all the elements are against them?

I can’t help but think it’s got to be the intention behind the reason to climb, their desire to chisel an authentic path unique to them and the passion in their soul that drives their next move upwards no matter what the elements throw their way…

What drives us as a band to keep creating, pushing and striving?

Our intention as a band has always been to write a progression of linear sound the soul can find strength, healing, and release in…

It’s our souls desire to write music that ranges from stories of true human triumph, to the wisdom in a remembered pre life experience detailing the challenges of what it means to incarnate on earth, to life based tales exploring real life human struggle and what it means to be controlled by fear, to soul filled whisperings (or yellings) of an inner guidance that lives deep within each of us that tells us there is light beyond the dark and we can heal our own lives….

It’s the passion we feel for what we play when we’re in our jam room and it’s just the five of us connecting with our own higher selves and each other…

Ultimately what keeps us going is that each POLARITY song is a message we all believe in, find healing in and harness strength from.

Thank you with the depth of an iceberg for being our cheering section as we continue our assent to the top with humility. Our heads are bowed in thanks to the people in music industry who see our potential and believe in our message and to YOU the fans that make our dreams of rocking the world a reality.

Authenticity, passion and the potential to heal ourselves and others through music is what keeps us chiselling our own path in the music industry and we’re happy to report we’re making progress.

May we encourage you to chisel your own souls path of passion because it’s a journey, a strength and a joy nobody can take from you.

We’re all in this climb together and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Up we go.