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It’s something I struggle with…
This constant need to update the scrolling feeds to stay….relevant?
And might I ask …relevant to who? And why should I place my value on your perception of my ‘relevancy’?
And….Is it just me or am I the only one that feels better when disconnected from the online and connected with…myself.
My songs, my art, my journals, my body, my friends, my loved ones, my dog and nature.
That’s what makes my life relevant to me.
Artists now have this constant pressure to connect, to update, to push, to sell…ourselves?
But the irony of it all is that most artists are pretty introverted with little to no desire to push themselves or their art on anyone…we create simply because we enjoy the process of it and hope that whoever discovers it will find value, comfort, joy or company to their sadness in it.
It’s not that I don’t love connecting with people because I love connecting in the flesh and at shows, I love exchanging real human energy in moments of musical passion and I love meaningful connection and real moments felt…not scrolled. Live shows and being in the same room with fans who resonate with what we create is my favourite part of the artistic grind…because it’s REAL.
I don’t know…screens and likes aren’t real to me. They never make me feel any better about myself and I was disillusioned by it a long time ago.
What does make me feel like i’m contributing in a productive way and a relevant way is to communicate soul felt messages in the music we make. Honesty, hard work and great music are timeless and at the end of the day I know I’ve created something thats truthful to my own experience with wisdom and learning lent to anybody wanting to listen.
Life’s too short to live for others opinions of you and it’s a trap.
Disconnect from anything or anyone that doesn’t add value to your life and reconnect with yourself.
Making space to find yourself and too free yourself is perhaps one of the most important things we can do in this lifetime… because our true selves are more creative, radiant and powerful than we can even imagine…we just have to find them.
Up Up and away we go,