Introducing to the world for the first time, EVENT HORIZON.

We’ve always been a band with the intention to create meaningful and artful music and we couldn’t be more proud to be releasing this to you all today. Art projects with five people take patience and perseverance and don’t come without their trying times, but if you believe in what you’re doing with all your heart and allow your process to be your progress, you come out with a product that blows even your own expectations out of the sky. Event Horizon is the result of 9 years as a band, 2 previous albums, hundreds of shows, hours upon hours of jamming, 2 years of recording and working on our upcoming album Action Potential, months of working on the video and of course, our dreams truly coming to life through the tapestry of music we make together as five friends.

Thank you everyone for your patience.
Thank you everyone for your belief in what we’re doing.
Thank you in advance to everyone for sharing this video and spreading our music and our message to your personal universes.
As much as we do this for ourselves, we do it to make a positive impact on our collective world and we couldn’t do that without YOU!

‘In the absence of time and space
I lick my lips of stardust and I taste
Theres something more to life.

Physicality in mortals space,
Your life
Is what you make.’

Much Love and Stardust all.