Since we started writing for the new album ACTION POTENTIAL, I reflect everyday on myself as a musician and a guitarist. Although I knew how to play our songs well, I continually practice my guitar playing skills everyday to evolve myself further. This was certainly the case in writing alot of my lead riffs for this album.

When I started tracking guitars for AUTONOMYS CONQUEST in the studio, I sat down with the opening riff that our other guitarist Jason wrote. At first I was so excited just to be playing along with such an awesome riff. I thought to myself “This is gonna be so much fun!”

Sadly, the inner demon that always followed me from all of my childhood crept up on me. It kept on whispering into my ear “You’re not good enough” or “You can do so much better”! Since I started playing guitar, my self concious fear had always followed me in learning guitar. From time to time it would get me down to the point where I felt hopeless, like “Man I’m never gonna be as good as that guy, etc”. Fortunately, tracking this song helped me to turn this thinking around. Rather than sulk into this negative energy, I decided to use it’s potential power for the better. I kept on playing over and over again until I came up with certain melodies to help compliment the flow of the song structure. Nothing overtly technical but something more aggressive than what I’ve been used to playing. It took hours which turned into days which turned into months to fine tune what I wrote.I had to step outside of my own zone and envision “How would a listener react to the song when first hearing it?”

Therefore, I have finished writing to the song. Now take a listen! If you love it then I’m happy. If you don’t then that’s okay. All I know is that I did my best and I continue to do so for POLARITY!