Toronto, we’re playing our favourite venue with some EPIC talent!
Kill Matilda Will be releasing their EP and kicking off a tour with Dusty Exner leading their camp!
The Anti-Queens Toronto’s three piece fem fronted punk group will be melting faces and blowing eardrums in the best way possible annnnnd The Alcohollys coming from London are going to get at us with Tropical Psy Rock….


OH and just so you all know, we’re throwing this show ourselves and were throwing it so that every band that plays gets their FULL pull off the door which means all the money made will be going directly into the artists hands!!! YAY….Any of our fans that come personally for us can rest assured we’re using the $ we make for our upcoming album and all the expenses that coming along with releasing one!

We’ll be playing only new songs off our upcoming album ACTION POTENTIAL and there’s a song that not even our closest fans have heard played live! We can’t wait!

We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces Toronto! This one’s going down in the history books!

Love and Headbangs,