We as a band have always been blessed by the generosity of our friends and fans.

Recently we were given a SEVEN STRING guitar!

Adrian or Don Juan as he’s known is a professional musician who saw us at one of our recent Lees Palace shows and was so impressed with our set that since seeing us he’s only every tried to help us by passing along reputable publicists, passing along talent calls and any other information he knows will help our band!

We’ll he’s moving to China to play music in Macau and as a parting gift gave us this amazing guitar. As he says ‘a guitar that’s not played is a dead guitar’…

We can assure you Adrian, this guitar will be put to good use, we recorded with some seven strings on the new album, so it’s the perfect time to introduce seven strings to our live show!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Adrian! POLARITY Loves you!