Since I was a little kid my family, friends and teachers kept on telling me “Get a good education and get a good job when you grow up!” Whenever I mentioned the sheer notion of being a musician, they’d tell me “Don’t waste your time” or “Get a college or university degree as something to fall back on”. Ok so I listened to everyone and got a degree in Computer Science Technology. However, it didn’t do anything for me in the long run. In fact, following the safe “back-up plan” has been the cause of many personal issues I’ve dealt with over the years. Yes we need income but at that point, if you’re miserable with what you’re doing it’s just not worth it!

Am I saying don’t go to school or follow a career? Not at all, just don’t pursue something if you don’t love it or if you’re not excited about it. Clearly IT wasn’t for me but even after all of this strife I have no regrets. It inspired me to do something more with my life and to really focus on what my true passion is. However, it’s also about not taking short cuts towards your goals and dreams even though they’re in the same spectrum of what you want to do. Earlier last year, I quit a fulltime office job to work as a music teacher. That’s all great except what I learned the hard way was that teaching in itself is a fulltime job that you need to dedicate all your time and energy into to make it work. Other than trying to make teaching a fulltime gig, I’ve had to rely on session work and playing in cover bands to keep the $ flowing. It worked out for a bit until eventually it all backfired on me. Oddly enough, even though I was still doing music just not my own music, it got to the point where all of this actually took time and energy AWAY from POLARITY, the main passion in my life. Stressed out and depressed, it also got to the point where I almost resented playing music in the first place. Therefore, I had to abandon teaching fulltime, doing session work and playing in cover bands altogether. I decided to just focus entirely on my own band and working towards OUR goals rather than other peoples’. Again, I have no regrets because it’s taught me a lot about myself and given me great experience. Enter movie quote from The Dark Knight Rises “Suffering builds character”. Therefore, I continue to strive on and follow my own dreams. I believe in the law of attraction, the power of intention, the fact that our very existence and all we perceive in reality begins with our thoughts. Thoughts can become desires and eventually can be achieved through action. Life doesn’t last forever so in that sense “Don’t waste your time, follow your passion and do something that makes you happy and makes you feel alive!” I’m grateful for playing with such amazing and talented musicians, I’m grateful for all my friends who keep encouraging me to be better every day at what I do and I’m truly grateful for everyone out there who support us and believe in our band. To all our fans and friends I say THANK YOU and I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend! ‪#‎TGIF‬ ‪#‎HappyFriday‬ ‪#‎POLARITYmusic‬

– Michael Sitana